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Rental of Weatherproof Outdoor Noise Kit

outdoor noise monitoring

Designed for the unattended monitoring of noise in poor weather conditions, this rental kit consists of a Type 1 Optimus Green sound level meter in a protective case with an outdoor microphone.


  • Environmental Noise Monitoring
  • Mixed Residential and Industrial Areas
  • Construction Site Boundary Noise

Main Features

  • Portable, easily moved between locations
  • Up to 1 week unattended monitoring
  • Threshold triggered audio recording

Rental Kit Includes

  • Sound Level Meter, Calibrator and Calibration Certificates
  • Outdoor Microphone with Cable and Tripod
  • Software and Download Cable
Rental Period:


This Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit contains a Type 1 Data Logging Sound Level Meter (the CR171B Optimus Green), fitted with real-time Octave and 1/3 Octave Band Filters. It includes the usual environmental noise measurement parameters, such as periodic LAeq, LAMax and statistical Ln values. Timers make it easy to carry out automatically repeating measurements, as required by most environmental noise standards.

The sound level meter is enclosed in a strong, weatherproof case, protected in custom foam. A heavy duty battery inside the case will keep the meter running for well over seven days.

The microphone is also protected against the weather. It is mounted on a tripod and connected to the outside of the case via a weatherproof connector.

outdoor noise case

Environmental Noise Surveys

The WPK171B, with its top specification sound level meter, is intended for all short term environmental noise monitoring applications.

  • Environmental Noise Surveys
  • Community Noise Assessments
  • Mixed Residential and Industrial Areas
  • Construction Site
  • Boundary Noise Monitoring

Hand-Held Use

The CR171B Optimus Green Sound Level Meter can be easily removed from the case. We provide it with a preamplifier that plugs into the top to enable it to be used as a stand alone hand-held meter.

Used in this way you can make additional environmental noise measurements without the need for the case and outdoor microphone. The meter still makes the same measurements and has a battery life of around 15 hours.


The kit is supplied with the meter already installed in the case and with the battery fully charged.

  • Mount microphone on tripod.
  • Connect microphone cable.
  • Switch meter on and set timers if needed.
  • Check calibration (calibrator included).
  • Start the measurement.


The outdoor noise kit is designed to run unattended for at least seven days. The battery should last if fully charged and the memory is more than adequate to store all the noise measurements.

When finished, just press the Stop key and switch the meter off.


The noise measurements can be viewed on the meter's display but it is usually more convenient to download them to a computer. You can use the NoiseTools software that is included in the kit to download all the noise measurements and produce reports.

Noise MeasurementsSee Optimus Green Specifications
ConnectorsMicrophone input from MK:172 Outdoor Microphone
External Power Connector
External power12-18v DC
Dimensions465 x 180 x 355 mm
Weight14.1 kg / 31 lbs including:
2 x batteries, charger & outdoor microphone