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Rental of Professional Noise Nuisance Recorder

Equipment for rent to accurately measure and record the noise from neighbors or other noise nuisance that needs to be clearly identified.


  • Noisy Neighbors
  • Barking Dogs, Music
  • Unpredictable or Sporadic Noise

Main Features

  • Sound level meter accurately measures the noise levels
  • Audio is recorded at the complainant's request
  • 30s pre-trigger to catch noise before the button was pressed

Rental Kit Includes

  • Advanced Sound Level Meter (CR1710 Optimus Green)
  • Protective, Lockable Case
  • Microphone with Mini Tripod
  • Software for Reporting and Audio Playback
Rental Period:

Neighbor Noise

In order to take action on noise from neighbors, it is often necessary to positively identify the noise source. While it is important to measure the sound levels with an accurate sound level meter, those measurements alone are no use unless you can clearly identify the cause of the noise.

The NNR-P-A1 has remote control unit. When the complainant hears the noise in question they press the button and the meter records the audio.

The meter stores the statistical noise parameters continuously, but only records the audio on request.

Kit Details

The Noise Nuisance Recorder consists of a Type 1 Sound Level Meter with detailed data logging and audio recording fitted inside a strong and lockable case. A microphone is connected to the outside of the case and mounted on a small tripod.

The unit runs on an external power supply with battery backup in case of power loss. A Calibrator is included so that meter function can be checked before starting measurement.

Noisy Neighbors

  • Loud music
  • Shouting and verbal abuse
  • Dogs barking
  • Banging on floors, walls and ceilings

Identification of Other Noise Sources

Although primarily intended for recording neighbor noise, the Noise Nuisance Recorder is useful for other noise sources, especially those of a sporadic nature.

In addition to starting audio recording with a button push, the meter can also be set to automatically record when a preset level is exceeded.

arrive on site

Arrive On Site

Carried in a simple bag, the equipment should not attract the attention of neighbors.

start noise monitoring

Start Monitoring

Set the equipment up where the reported noise will be clearly heard. Plug in to the power outlet and switch on. Instruct complainant on the use of the remote control.

download noise measurements

Back at the Office

After monitoring is complete, usually around one week, the sound level measurements and audio recordings can be downloaded to a computer for reporting and audio playback.

Sound Level Meter

The Noise Nuisance Recorder contains a CR1710 Optimus Green Sound Level Meter that meets the following standards:

  • IEC 61672 Class 1
  • IEC 60651 and IEC 60804 Type 1
  • ANSI S1.4 and S1.43 Type 1

The Sound Level Calibrator meets IEC 60942 Class 1 and ANSI S1.40:2006 Type 1.

Noise Nuisance Kit Details

Weight2.6kg (including sound level meter)
Dimensions296 x 212 x 96 mm, 11.7" x 8.4" x 3.8"
Power100 to 240 VAC (power adapter included)
Backup Power4 x AA for > 10 hours operation in case of power failure
Mic Extension1.5 metres
Range20 to 140 dB(A)
Audio Recording20 hours in standard quality