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NoiseSign - Noise Activated Warning Sign

Noise Activated Warning Sign
Noise Activated Warning Sign
Noise Activated Warning Sign Optional Beacons Optional Remote Displays

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Noise Warning Sign
Warning High Noise Levels
Lead time 2 weeks

Remote Display for NoiseSign - Warning High Noise Levels
Lead time 3 weeks
Red beacon for NoiseSign with 10 m cable
In stock

Blue beacon for NoiseSign with 10 m cable
In stock
2 m (6 ft) Mic. Extension with Preamp and Type 2 Mic. for NoiseSign
Lead time 3 weeks

5 m (16 ft) Mic. Extension with Preamp and Type 2 Mic. for NoiseSign
Lead time 3 weeks

10 m (32 ft) Mic. Extension with Preamp and Type 2 Mic. for NoiseSign
Lead time 3 weeks

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Noise Warning Sign
Warning High Noise Levels
2 weeks

Red beacon for NoiseSign with 10 m cable
In stock


  • Lights up when sound levels are too high
  • Variable trigger level from 40 to 114 dB(A)
  • Low energy, high output LED technology
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Remote flashing beacon option


  • Factories and Industrial Sites
  • Warn when Hearing Protection Needed
  • Entertainment Venues

NoiseSign Overview

The NoiseSign is a wall-mounted sign that lights up when the noise levels are too high. It can be used to warn workers to reduce the noise levels or fit hearing protection.

The level at which the sign lights up can be set using controls on the back of the unit to anywhere between 40 and 114 dB(A) in 1 dB steps. It can be set to switch off immediately when the level falls, or to remain lit for 30 seconds. A small plate can be fitted over the controls to avoid tampering.

The Noise Sign is easily mounted to the wall using two screws, making it suitable for use on brick, wooden or plaster surfaces. It is lightweight so there is very little strain on the mountings.

Display Settings

For use in differing environments the brightness of the NoiseSign can be adjusted. In a factory it would be set to its brightest.

To deal with short and intermittent noise levels the NoiseSign display can be set to remain lit for 30 seconds.

For environments where the sign might not be easily seen, up to three remote LED beacons can be attached. These beacons can be set to flash to make it clear that the noise levels are too high.

Noise Trigger Levels

Due to its very wide range of operation, 40 to 114 dB(A), the NoiseSign is suitable for most applications. In factories and other industrial applications, the trigger level will be set to warn workers that the noise levels have exceeded 80 or 85 dB(A).

A hand-held sound level meter is useful during the setting up process as the sign should be set to light up when the sound level at the working position reaches a given level, rather than just setting it to trigger on levels at the sign's mounting point.

noisy garage

Noise Beacon

The NSB-RED and NSB-BLUE are low power, high visibility LED beacons that connect to the NoiseSign to give a clear warning of high noise levels. They light up at the same time the NoiseSign lights up.

  • Low power, high visibility red or blue beacon
  • Up to three beacons on one NoiseSign
  • Weatherproof to IP65
  • Includes 10 m (32 ft) of cable
  • No additional power needed

Typical Applications

The beacon is ideal for the following applications:

  • Clear indication of high noise levels in brighter environments where a standard sign might be missed
  • Additional warning outside the door, with the NoiseSign itself mounted inside
  • Multiple warning points for high noise levels
  • Remote, outdoor display of noise levels before entering the premises
noise beacons

Ordering Information

The noise beacon does not work on its own, it must be connected to the NS-WARN NoiseSign. You can connect one, two or three beacons to each noise warning sign.

The order code for the noise beacon is NSB-RED or NSB-BLUE, and this includes a 10 m (32 ft) cable to connect back to the NoiseSign or to daisy-chain to another beacon. The beacons get their power from the NoiseSign, so no extra power supply or power outlet is needed.

NoiseSign for Factory and Industrial Noise Control

  • Lights up when the noise levels are high
  • Inform staff that it is time to fit hearing protection
  • Bright LED display for industrial environments
  • Standard hearing protection symbol
  • Adjustable up to a very high 114 dB(A) in 1dB steps

For factories and other industrial environments, the NoiseSign can be an essential part of your noise control and hearing protection program. Lighting up when the noise levels are too high, it gives an instant and recognizable warning to all staff in the noisy area.

Don't Forget the Noise Assessment

The Noise Warning Sign is intended to be part of a complete noise control program. It does not take away the need for a full noise at work risk assessment. A noise survey should be carried out to assess the problem. The noise sign can then be used to inform staff when the levels are high, especially in areas where the levels are only occasionally high.

In summary, you should do the following:

  • Full noise assessment
  • Reduce the noise at source wherever possible
  • Install Noise Signs to warn staff when variable levels are high

Sound level meters for noise at work assessments can be seen on our Noise at Work products page.

Warn When Noise Levels are High

In situations where the noise levels are not high all the time, it is unreasonable to expect people to wear hearing protection all the time.

However, it can be difficult to determine by ear when the noise levels pass a specific point, especially after a few hours working in a relatively noisy environment, when the hearing becomes a little dulled.

Rather than relying on an individual's perception of the noise levels, the NoiseSign gives a very clear indication that it is time to fit hearing protection or leave the area.

The NoiseSign takes away the guesswork.

Ordering Details

The most suitable version of the NoiseSign for industrial noise control has the order code NS-WARN. This noise sign has the standard symbol for hearing protection and includes the words Warning - High Noise Levels.

To cover a larger area, there is the choice of simply mounting more standard signs or using a red or blue Beacon, which connects back to the central NS-WARN and lights up (or flashes) at the same time.

Warning of High Noise Levels Outside

  • Clear warning of high noise levels outside
  • Noisy industrial process
  • Noise outside pubs and clubs
  • Warn staff of the problem before local residents complain

The system consists of the following items:

  • NoiseSign mounted indoors (control room for example)
  • Microphone mounted outdoors

Ordering Details

Due to the nature of these installations, an instant online quotation is not available. Please contact NoiseMeters with details of your application and we should be able to provide you with a quotation.

System Components

The system consists of the NS-WARN Noise Warning Sign connected to an Outdoor Microphone such as the MK438.

The NoiseSign is mounted indoors, where it can be seen by the staff involved in noise control. It is connected to the Outdoor Mic. using high grade microphone extension cable.

Noise Warning - Entertainment Venues

  • Pub, club, disco and nightclub noise monitoring
  • Tackle noise complaints from local residents
  • Protect staff from dangerous noise levels
  • Inform DJ or live band if noise levels are too high

Music from pubs, clubs, discos and even restaurants and hotels can cause problems for local residents and be at dangerous levels for staff. The NoiseSign Noise Warning Sign is a solution to keeping control of the sound levels and monitoring the effectiveness of controls.

Whether your problem is with noise complaints or hearing protection issues (or both), the NoiseSign should be able to help.

Noise Complaints

Complaints about noise from local residents can often be dealt with by ensuring that music is kept below a given level. This can be difficult to judge as the evening wears on and the levels tend to increase (it's the DJ steadily going deaf).

The NoiseSign should be positioned so that the DJ or live band can see instantly when the levels are too high and react accordingly.

Using the NoiseSign takes away an individual's perception of the noise levels and the associated difficulties in controlling the sound output.

For noise outside, see Outdoor tab above.

Worker Hearing Protection

noise in pubs and clubs

Since April 2008, workers in the music and entertainment sectors are covered by the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. This involves assessing the noise levels and reducing the noise at source where possible - sometimes rather difficult in this particular industry.

The NoiseSign can help by informing staff when the noise levels are getting high, giving the opportunity work in a quieter location (staff rotation) or to wear hearing protection.

The NoiseSign can be mounted within the bar area, or in other potentially noisy locations, where it will give an immediate and clear warning of excessive noise levels.

Remote Display Signs

Although it is most important that the person controlling the music knows when the levels are too high, it can also be useful to have remote displays in areas such as the bar or the office, so that the management can take action too.

The remote display NSR-WARN or a beacon NSB-RED can be used for this purpose.

Ordering Details

The most suitable version of the NoiseSign for entertainment noise control has the order code NS-WARN.

The NoiseSign includes a power supply unit along with a 5 m power extension cable.

Installing the NoiseSign

The NoiseSign is very quick and easy to install:

  • Plug the microphone in
  • Fit to the wall with two screws
  • Plug in the mains power supply

The trigger level is adjustable between 40 and 114 dB(A) in 1 dB steps. The adjustment is made using controls that are usually out of site on the back of the unit.

Mounting on the Wall

wall mounting the noise sign

The sign is fixed to the wall using the two screws and plugs that are included.

A paper template is also included in the box, accurately showing the distance needed between the holes.

Once the screws are in place the sign simply slides into place.


microphone and power connections
Microphone and Power Connections

microphone extension cable

Microphone Extension

An optional microphone extension cable can be used to allow the microphone to be mounted up to 10 m from the sign.

Noise Sign Options

The standard NS-WARN Noise Sign includes the following items:

  • NoiseSign noise warning sign
  • Microphone
  • Power supply (UK, EU, USA)
  • 5 m Power Extension Cable
  • Mounting screws and plugs
  • Instructions
in the box
In the Box

Standard Noise Signs

For industrial environments and anywhere people need warning about potential hearing damage.


NSB-RED orBeacon
NSB-BLUEA low power, high visibility, weatherproof (IP65) beacon that connects to the NoiseSign. It lights up or flashes when the sound levels are too high. Up to three beacons can be connected to one sign.
Each beacon comes with 10 m (32 ft) of cable and simple wiring instructions.

Remote Signs

NSR-WARNThe NoiseSign can be connected to up to three remote display signs. When the NoiseSign lights up, the remote signs light up in the same way and for the same period of time. Each remote unit comes with a 10 m cable to connect back to the master NoiseSign or between remote units.

Microphone Extension Cables

The NoiseSign can be fitted with a remote microphone on a 2 m, 5 m or 10 m extension cable. To use this feature, a Class 2 microphone and preamplifier give the drive needed for the extension cable.

Outdoor Microphone

A range of outdoor microphones is available for use with the NoiseSign. With the sign mounted indoors and connected to a microphone outside, an effective warning of high noise levels caused by industrial processes is provided. This configuration can also be useful for pub and clubs, giving a true warning when the sound levels at the boundary exceed a given limit.

Please contact NoiseMeters Limited for more details and pricing.

NoiseSign Specifications

Dimensions300 mm diameter, 50 mm deep
Trigger Level40 to 114 dB(A) in 1dB steps
Frequency Wgt"A" Weighted to IEC 61672
Time WgtSlow to IEC 61672
DisplayLED with variable brightness
Delay going offNone or 30 seconds
Power12 VDC (adapter included)
OutputControl for remote displays

Red and Blue Beacon Specifications

Power11V, 50mA
(Provided by the NoiseSign - no extra power needed)
EnvironmentalWeatherproof to IP65
DisplaySelectable flashing or static
Flash Rate1Hz
DimensionsDiameter: 85 mm
Height: 81 mm

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