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September 2011 Newsletter

Combination Kits

sound level meter and dosimeter combination kit

This month's newsletter introduces the new Combination Kits for use by Safety Officers when carrying out all types of noise at work assessment.

  • Sound Level Meter
  • doseBadge Noise Dosimeters

You can have either the low cost, integrating or octave band sound level meter. The meter is used for making manual measurements - quick checks with the low cost meter or a full detailed noise survey using the higher specification meters. The doseBadges are used for longer term assessments and are particularly useful for workers who move between different locations or machines.

Why a Combination Kit?

When measuring noise in the workplace a sound level meter or noise dosimeter can often be used to achieve the same result: assessing a worker's exposure to noise. However, there are some instances when one is more suitable than the other.

A dosimeter is better for:

  • Monitoring workers who move around between different machinery or locations
  • Confined spaces and potentially dangerous areas
  • Long term noise assessments

A sound level meter is better for:

  • Quick checks to ensure the levels are well below the action levels
  • Detailed assessments where you benefit from being present to ensure the noise levels are representative of normal operations
  • Checking the suitability of hearing protectors

Standard Combination Kits

We have a range of standard Combination Kits that satisfy most Safety Officers' noise measurement needs.

Economy Combination Kit

This kit includes a lower cost Sound Level Meter and doseBadge Noise Dosimeters. This sound level meter can be used to make quick checks and the doseBadges are used for a full occupational noise survey.

Integrating Combination Kit

This kit includes an integrating Sound Level Meter and up to three doseBadges. The meter is an integrating sound level meter that meets all the requirements for a full occupational noise survey.

Octave Band Combination Kit

This kit includes a real-time octave band Sound Level Meter and multiple doseBadges. This meter is fitted with real-time octave band filters for a more detailed analysis and assessment of hearing protectors.