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Extra Large Noise Warning Signs

These large noise warning signs mount on the wall and monitor the local noise levels. When the level goes above your preset limit the sign will light up to warn staff that it is time to take action - either reduce the noise levels, leave the noisy area or fit hearing protection.

These noise warning signs are part of a range of similar products. They operate in the same was as the standard SoundEar 2 Industrial Noise Warning Sign and SoundEar 3 Industrial Data Logging Noise Warning Sign.

Using the Extra Large Noise Sign

Both of these large noise warning signs mount easily onto a wall. You set up the trigger level so that they light up when the sound level at the noisiest point where people work is getting close to a dangerous level. Your normal occupational noise survey should indicate where these areas are. The green light is on all the time to show staff that the monitor is running and the noise levels are acceptable. When the sound level gets close to the trigger level the yellow light comes on and when the trigger level is passed the red light comes on.

Large Sign or Multiple Standard Signs

The decision to use one large noise sign or multiple standard size noise signs depends very much on your environment. If the standard size signs are hard to see then the large sign is the obvious choice. If the sound levels vary a lot over a relatively small area then multiple standard size signs may be better, showing a more local indication of high noise levels. Measurements using a sound level meter may be needed during the decision process.