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10 x dBadge Noise Dosemeter CEL350K10 Rental


10 x dBadge Noise Dosemeter

The dBadge noise dosimeter can be rented for one week or more to assess the noise levels that your workers are being exposed to.

Particularly useful for people who move around a lot, the dBadge kit contains ten dosimeters, making it ideal for monitoring a larger number of people during the rental period.

Rental Details

One week rental: $561.00
Additional days after the first week: $75.00

This includes:

  • Ten dBadge noise dosimeters
  • Sound Level Calibrator
  • Insight Software and download cable
  • Calibration certificates for the dBadges and calibrator
  • Full 7 days on site, shipping is done outside the rental period
  • Delivery and collection

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dbadge noise dosemeter
dbadge noise dosemeter

Kit contains 10 dBadge Noise Dosimeters



For more technical information about the CEL350K10 10 x dBadge Noise Dosemeter please visit the product details page.


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