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doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

dosebadge noise dosimeter

doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

doseBadge Support Software

The doseBadge Kits come complete with the dBLink software, which can download measurements, store them and present simple reports.

dblink dosebadge noise dosimeter software
dBLink Noise Dosimeter Software


The program dBLink downloads the measurements from the dosimeter's Reader, presents the results in a simple table format, displays the time history graph for a selected measurement and prints noise at work reports.

A simple "Wizard" interface leads you through the whole process from downloading to printing reports. Once you are familiar with this process you can bypass the wizard and just do the actions that you need.

This program also has the ability to export noise data and reports to spreadsheet (Excel), word processor, PDF, JPG and other common formats.


Kit with 1 doseBadge
2 weeks
Kit with 5 doseBadges
2 weeks
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doseBadge Kits with Reader (includes Calibrator), noise dosimeters, chargers, carrying case, software and download cable.

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Noise Dosimeter Kit with 1 doseBadge
2 weeks
Noise Dosimeter Kit with 2 doseBadges
2 weeks
Noise Dosimeter Kit with 5 doseBadges
2 weeks
Noise Dosimeter Kit with 10 doseBadges
2 weeks


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