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doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

dosebadge noise dosimeter

doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

doseBadge Noise Dose Measurement Kits

Although doseBadges and Readers can be bought individually, they are usually included in a complete noise measurement kit that includes everything you need to get on with the measurements.

The noise measurement kits with order codes P22-x provide you with all the items you need to make occupational noise measurements in line with the international regulations.

The kits also include the dBLink software to download measurements to your computer and produce noise at work reports.

dosebadge noise measurement kit

Kit Contents and Options

  doseBadges Kits are available with different quantities of doseBadges, usually 1, 2, 5 or 10, although other quantities can be supplied.
  Reader One Reader unit is used with multiple doseBadges.
  Calibrator Built into the Reader unit.
  doseBadge Mounts A mounting plate and pins. (Helmet mount not included).
  Charging Block Charges the batteries in all the doseBadges at the same time.
  Software & Cable A CD containing the doseBadge software.
  Calibration Certificates For all doseBadges and Reader.
  Carrying Case A carrying case designed to hold up to ten doseBadges, Reader, Charging Block, Manuals and other accessories.


Kit with 1 doseBadge
2 weeks
Kit with 5 doseBadges
2 weeks
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Prices and Ordering

doseBadge Kits with Reader (includes Calibrator), noise dosimeters, chargers, carrying case, software and download cable.

Order Code
Price (USD)
Noise Dosimeter Kit with 1 doseBadge
2 weeks
Noise Dosimeter Kit with 2 doseBadges
2 weeks
Noise Dosimeter Kit with 5 doseBadges
2 weeks
Noise Dosimeter Kit with 10 doseBadges
2 weeks


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