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Noise Nuisance Recorder - Noisy Neighbors

neighbor noise recorder
Neighbor Noise Recorder

The Noise Nuisance Recorder is very quick and easy to set up, leading you through the process of calibration and starting the measurement in order to avoid disappointment after a few unmanned days of missed measurements.

The meter runs either as a standard sound level meter (useful for any other noise measurements you need to make) or in "Noise Nuisance Recorder" mode when it is in the NNR case.

  1. Connect microphone and power supply
  2. Switch on and follow calibration instructions
  3. Record a voice note if needed
  4. Start the measurement (happens automatically if you forget)
  5. Lock the case
  6. Show complainant how to start the audio recording (button push)

A Week In the Life of a Noise Nuisance Recorder...

deploying noise recorder

Arrive On Site

Take the Noise Recorder to the premises in question. The equipment is carried in a bag to avoid attention. As you only leave the locked Peli case and take the bag with you, it is not apparent to neighbors that you have left anything behind.

positioning neighbour noise recorder

Start Monitoring

Set the equipment up in a location that will give the most representative recordings of the background noise and the problem noise. A power outlet is needed throughout the measurement period, although it will run for at least 10 hours on the internal battery if the power is lost for some reason.

downloading neighbour noise recordings

Back in the Office

After a suitable monitoring period, usually around one week, the sound level measurements and associated recordings can be downloaded to a computer for analysis and audio playback.


Class 2 Noise Nuisance Recorder Kit with Calibrator & Software
1 week
Class 1 Noise Nuisance Recorder Kit with Calibrator & Software
1 week


Weekly Rental
Noise nuisance recorder kit
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Complete Noise Nuisance Recorder including Sound Level Meter, Noise Software and Calibrator.

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Noise Nuisance Recorder - Class 1 with Calibrator
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