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Noise Nuisance Recorder - Noisy Neighbors

neighbor noise recorder
Neighbor Noise Recorder


After monitoring the noise levels and making audio recordings of nuisance noise, you need to download these from the sound level meter to a computer to view, listen and generate reports.

Noise Nuisance Reporter

This software is included with the NNR63x Noise Nuisance Recorder. It downloads the measurements, lets you listen to the recordings and presents reports. As it is designed purely for this type of application it is very quick and easy to use.


noise reports

  • Graph of daily noise levels
  • Table of noise events
  • Graphs of noise evens


listen to audio recordings

  • Listen to recordings
  • Identify the noise source
  • Hear background noise


noise nuisance report

  • On screen reporting
  • Printed reports
  • HTML reports with audio


Sharing Reports

Noise reports can be exported straight from the software to HTML format. These can be sent to other people on a memory stick and viewed in a standard browser - no need to install the Noise Nuisance Reporter software to view these reports and listen to the recordings.

Printed reports can be generated showing the noise levels throughout the day and information about the noise levels of each event. This same information can be exported to Excel, Word and other similar applications. The audio recordings are stored in standard WAV files, which can also be sent to other people to listen to.


Other Software Options

The included software should be all you need for most noise nuisance applications. As it is designed purely for this type of application it is very quick and easy to use.

If you need to get more from the meter for different applications then you can also use the CasellaDrive software (free of charge) or the powerful Insight software. You will need one of these to use features such as Octave Band Filters that are available on some of the meters.


Type 2 Noise Nuisance Recorder Kit with Calibrator & Reporter Software
Type 1 Noise Nuisance Recorder Kit with Calibrator & Reporter Software


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