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dBadge 2 Noise Dosimeter

dbadge2 Noise Dosimeter

dBadge2 Buying Options

We usually supply the dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter as part of a Noise Measurement Kit. These include all the parts you need to make a full occupational noise assessment. The order code for the kit is DB2Kx, where "x" indicates the number of dosimeters included. See the Noise Measurement Kits section below for more details.

You can buy the dBadge2 on its own, but if you are not adding to an existing kit then you will need a Charger too. See the Bare Bones Kits section below for more details.

If you need a hand-held sound level meter too then we have a range of Combination Kits, which include a number of dBadge noise dosimeters along with a suitable hand-held meter. Please visit the Combination Kit pages for more details and prices.

The Prices and Ordering section at the bottom of this page shows all the standard size kits for the dBadge2. Under the Parts tab you will also see the price to buy individual items.

dBadge2 Noise Measurement Kits

dbadge2 noise measurement kit
dBadge2 Dosimeters Kits include 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 dosimeters.
Calibrator Checks the function of each dosimeter.
Charger / Docking Station To charge the dosimeters and to download to a computer. Kits with 1, 2, 3 or 5 dosimeters have one 3-way charger, kits with 10 dosimeters have two 3-way chargers.
Software To download measurements to Excel style spreadsheets.
Calibration Certificates For each noise dosimeter and the Calibrator.
Peli Carrying Case High levels of protection with custom foam.


peli case

Exclusive to NoiseMeters

When you get your dBadge2 kit from NoiseMeters we supply it in a tough Peli Case with custom foam to keep the equipment very well protected. More details...

Combination Kits

  dBadge Dosimeters A number of dBadge Noise Dosimeters.
  Sound Level Meter A CEL240 or CEL600 series Sound Level Meter.
  Calibrator To check the function of the dBadge and Sound Level Meter.
  dBadge Mounts Both pin and crocodile clip mounts are included.
  Charger Charges the dBadge battery.
  Cal. Certificates Calibration certificates for dBadges, Meter and Calibrator.
  Carrying Case Holds the dBadges, Sound Level Meter Calibrator and accessories.



dBadge2 kit with 1 dosimeter, Calibrator, Software and Case
In stock
dBadge kit with 3 dosimeters, Calibrator, Software and Case
In stock


Rental Kit of 5
dBadge kit with 5 dosimeters, calibrator, charger, software
More pricing information

dBadge Range

Noise Dosimeter
From $2018.00
dBadge2 PLUS
dBadge2 PLUS
With Audio Recording
From $2266.00
dBadge2 PRO
dBadge2 PRO
Audio Record & Octaves
From $2576.00
noise at work sound level meter

Combination Kits

Hand held meter and personal dosimeters

More details...

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Prices and Ordering

Kits contain dBadge2 Dosimeters, Calibrator, Dock/Charger, Peli Case and Software.
Kits with 1, 2, 3 and 5 dBadges have one 3-way charger. Kits with 10 dBadges have two 3-way chargers.

Order Code
Price (USD)
Kit with 1 dBadge2 Dosimeter, Calibrator, Charger, Software and Case
In stock
Kit with 2 dBadge2 Dosimeters, Calibrator, Charger, Software and Case
In stock
Kit with 3 dBadge2 Dosimeters, Calibrator, Charger, Software and Case
In stock
Kit with 5 dBadge2 Dosimeters, Calibrator, Charger, Software and Case
In stock
Kit with 10 dBadge2 Dosimeters, Calibrator, Charger, Software and Case
In stock
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