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United Kingdom - Sound Level Meters in the UK

Noise Meters Limited is a British company that supplies sound level meters and noise dosemeters for noise at work and environmental noise monitoring throughout the UK. NoiseMeters Limited also supplies noise warning signs for industry, hospitals, neonatal units and the entertainment industry - hotels, pubs, clubs, nightclubs.

Noise Meters in the UK -

Made in the EU

Most of the sound level meters, noise dosimeters and noise warning sign products that are available from Noise Meters are manufactured in the UK and in other parts of Europe. Please contact us for more details about the origin of any product.


We can accept payment for sound level meters by credit card (VISA or MasterCard), cheque or bank transfer. Large companies, hospitals and similar establishments can usually have an account with the usual 30-day payment terms.


Many of our products are available from stock. Please contact us for delivery times for any products not marked as available from stock. The charge for delivery within the UK is £12.00 for a Sound Level Meter and £14.00 for a Noise Measurement Kit. A full list of delivery charges is available on the UK Sound Level Meter web site.


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