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Sound Level Meters in Malaysia

NoiseMeters ships sound level meters and noise dosimeters directly to customers in Malaysia and surrounding regions. The meters are usually shipped directly from the UK by FedEx or EMS. The basic delivery charges can be seen on our Delivery Charges page.


The prices for all our products are shown in US Dollars. You can get them in British Pounds (GBP) or in Euros by following "Noise Meters UK" or the "Noise Meters in Europe" links at the top of this page.

Payment can be by Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard), bank transfer or by cheque.

Customs and Duty

Most of our sound level meters and noise warning signs ship to Malaysia under the HS Tariff Code 902780 17. Please call your local Malaysian Customs Office for information on any import duty that may have to be paid.

Delivery and Lead Times

Noise Meters usually ships by FedEx or DHL, although some of the lower cost sound level meters and accessories are shipped by EMS. We can use other companies at your request. If you have your own account with FedEx, DHL, or similar then we can ship on your account. Products that are in stock will usually be delivered within 5 days (FedEx) or 14 days (EMS).

Please visit the Delivery Charges page for more information.

For more information, please contact the export manager, Mr Andrew Snell, on or complete the box below.


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