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Delivery Charges for Sound Level Meters and Kits

The prices here are for delivery within North America and for US Dollar exports. Please visit our United Kingdom and Europe web sites for price and delivery information for those areas.

Product Type Delivery Price Delivery Price* (see note below)
  USA Rest of World  
NM102 Sound Level Meter $20 $41  
Other Sound Level Meters $40 $82  
Sound Level Meter + Calibrator $40 $82  
Complete Noise Measurement Kit $40 $82  
Lightweight Outdoor Kit $60 $123  
Heavy Duty Outdoor Kit $68 $139  
Noise Warning Sign $40 $82  
Music Monitor $40 $82  
Small items $16 $33  

* The Rest of World prices are for guidance only. In some remote locations the delivery charges may be higher than this.

Delivery Service

Equipment that is in stock will usually be shipped within one working day of order.

For products that are not currently in stock you should contact NoiseMeters first to check the delivery time. Most sound level meters and noise dosimeters are delivered within two weeks of order when listed as not in stock.


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